Monday, May 16, 2011

Four reasons you should see "Thor" starring Chris Hemsworth

1. Have you ever wondered what a Norse god would do if he walked into a pet store? "Thor" is at its best when it's funny. Chris Hemsworth has a good sense of comedic timing as he portrays the larger-than-life (and somewhat confused) hero, stranded in an alien world with cars, coffee and cats.

2. Director Kenneth Branagh may have switched from Shakespeare to Marvel, but he still knows how to slip in themes from his favorite playwright. (Watch for the subtexts.)

3. (If you're a guy, you can just skip to #4 now.) Chris Hemsworth is shirtless in one scene. Enough said.

4. At one point, I checked my watch and was surprised to find that the movie was almost over. It's a fast-paced summer flick with a good mix of humor and adventure. (That's probably because it was written by the same team that created "Fringe.")


  1. I need to see this asap. I skipped to #4

  2. I've always been a fan of Kenneth Branagh, and you wrote a really good review. I thought from the previews that this movie probably wasn't for me, but you've changed my mind. Sounds like you guys had a great vacation. Love the doggie-by-the-sea portrait.

  3. The Pet Store scene was so awesome!! totally unexpected and hilarious

  4. Sounds like a good movie, good review.

  5. i can think of one other reason...
    my son's name is thor(wald)...
    oh, yes, and of course brannagh.
    o d**n, he's directing...

    we're heading for the finale on LOST.
    got it in a local library...

  6. I was considering whether or not to see this movie the other night. But boy do I love fast-paced movies! It is definitely on my "To watch" list!

  7. Hahahaha, love #4 Emily. I love Kenneth B. but I am always distracted by his seeming lack of lips; especially difficult during a soliloquy.


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