Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nail Polish

To steal an idea from Glamour, what color are your nails right now? Mine are lavender, which felt like a happy color for the beach. (I just discovered the wonder of pedicures.) Now I need to learn how to make my nails look like this myself. Any tips?


  1. I have "Monet" on - it's a shiny/shimmery sliver-blue color that was in the clearance rack at Icing much to my amazement!

  2. no real tips.
    night blue you easily get by letting something heavy fall on your toe. ahem.
    i like the lavender. unexpected colour, perfectly matching that beach side indeed.

  3. no tips, but i'm cracking up at woolf's tip ;)

  4. me,too ... to the above comments!

  5. My toe nails are a bright blue--Brisk Blue the bottle says. Here's a tip from my sister-in-law who's a salon manicurist: you must have a clear base coat and top coat. The color will last longer and not chip.

  6. My color right now is grey, my sister kindly told me the color is best suited for toe nails and I am wearing it on my finger nails as well. I'm kind of a rule breaker that way so probably not the best tip person for nails lol.

    Jodi I will follow your tip though, I was wondering why my polish was chipping so soon, thanks.

  7. My sister's advise was really kind, was thinking how that last comment might come across :-). I was asking her what popular colors she liked for the season. She was saying a steel colored purple kind of grey. For the toes of course.

  8. I'm not a world expert on pedicures but I find one of those separators for toes helps keep me from smudging the polish before it's dry. Patience helps too!

    As for toe colours, dark grey, midnight blue and a sort of shimmery golden sand colour... bright bright pink's good too. Might try and get some lavender...

  9. Love the post! My toe nails are bare I'm afraid to say. I should probably paint them before I can't reach them anymore. :S Eeeeek, what a bleak thought. Maybe I should teach Rhys to paint them for me?

    Tips? Well, since my mom stole my original tip of using a base and top coat, I'll recommend using my absolute favorite brand of nail polish, O.P.I. If you don't all ready, it's so worth it. I love all their colors. Also, Ulta brand nail polish either in "Nude to Me" or "Girl Next Door" make your nails look like they've been painted at the salon.

  10. I'm late getting in on this. I have my nails and toe nails done professionally. I have acrylics for my finger nails, because I am a nail biter. Since I value my teeth, I no longer bite my nails.
    I'm a sloppy painter and a bit of a clutz, so my treat to myself is a bi-monthly manicure and a monthly pedicure from May to mid-September. It's worth it to me. It helps that this small town's prices are much easier on the wallet than Cinci prices were.
    I agree about O.P.I.
    Thick glitter polish doesn't chip, but it's a pain to take off. An opalescent glitter polish adds sparkle to any color and shows chips less. You still have to use good base and top coats, though. It added pizazz to my lavender nails about a month ago.
    Right now I have reverse French nails with the lighter shade on the base. On the tips is a matte green covered in a green glitter polish and a yellow stripe separating them. My students love it.
    Alas, nothing on my toes! I will schedule my first 'summer pedicure' this week.
    Fun post!

  11. don´t talk to me about pedicures. we are still in wool socks here... :)

  12. Lovely moment.. Lavender color sounds great!! It makes me relax too.


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