Saturday, June 4, 2011

you might be an alien if...

1. You spontaneously turn into a human flashlight in the middle of class

2. Your family beagle has a habit of transforming into a Jurassic Park monster

3. You find it difficult to open your locker door, but you can run really, really fast. Like Edward-Cullen-would-be-jealous fast

4. You’re always hunted by incredibly tall aliens with a passion for trench-coats.

5. You’re supposed to save the world, but you only succeed in blowing up your high school’s football field. (And looking like someone from GQ.)

List compiled from “I am Number Four.” A somewhat forgettable action flick, but a lasting contribution for all those angst-ridden high school students who wonder if they’re from another planet.


  1. Had to watch this film while two teens made ridiculous comments and odd sound affects from the corner of the room, I was really enjoying this film, kids!

  2. I had a hard time opening my locker in high school and I could run really fast, woot maybe I'm an alien. Funny list.

  3. lol, I never realized the irony of him not getting his locker open!

  4. "Like Edward-Cullen-would-be-jealous fast"

    funny girl...

  5. Channel One is a news program for teens and our school plays it the first 10 minutes of 5th period classtime, which is the period that we also have lunch during. They advertized this movie heavily and I wondered about it. My teens didn't seem very interested and no one commented on it, but I wondered. So thanks for the mini review.
    I don't think I'll rent it though; I see more than my share of bizarre teenage moments every single teaching day. We even have a highly intelligent, but mentally scrambled young man who truly believes he's an FBI agent. He believes strongly in aliens also. Hmmm. He is loved and we all have learned to go with the flow with him.
    As for trouble opening lockers---that's the norm, not the exception. I think it's a requirement of being a teen-ager attending high school! ;>)


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